Action-Packed Weekend!

Find TMI this weekend!  Take some time and give yourself the gift of madcappnicity!

Friday (that’s today) – Midtown Scholar – 6pm
Sunday (that’s on Sunday) – HMAC –

You can also catch more’n a few of the folks who comprise the TMI Legion as they perform in (TMIer) David Zayas’ Beowulf this weekend – Friday & Saturday nights at the Gamut Theatre, 7:30pm curtain
(I’ll be there Saturday night, myself…)

Thanks to all who came out to see the SUPER HUGE set we put on Sat Sep 8 at the Comedy Throwdown!  And to all of you who come out regularly to see the Scholar shows!  It’s always so much more fun when there’s more people around, so your presence just makes it more fun!  Great job!

Be well, be friendly, be patient.  And be there!!!!!!!!


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Yet again, the weight of a "brief profile" stemmed his progress...Philip let forth yet another audible sigh at yet another empty dialog box, the white pixels mocking his inability to add contrasting text - text that he could confidently display as sufficiently and succinctly capturing his character. Rather than launching into a diatribe on how virtual summaries were never part of Earth's master plan, he simply shrugged and allowed the profile summary section to remain ambiguous.
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