But, you know, PANIC.

So, if you missed our show at the Towne House (which just finished and went so well and honestly we are still riding the performance high because it was such an awesome night and the rain didn’t even matter and and and the only thing missing was you), don’t panic. We repeat: Do. Not. Panic.

Know why? Because there are TWO more chances to see us this month. TWO! Catch us at our usual bag, the Midtown Scholar Bookstore this Friday for their 3rd in the Burg celebrations at 6:00. Woot. Wooooooot.

And THEN! On Wednesday, September 28th, you can see us at our home, the Gamut Classic Theatre in Strawberry Square at 7:30 for a big-time show where we’ll be joined by not one, but t-t-t-two other troupes! Yes, our good friends, The Oxymorons and Don’t Break The Streak, will be joining us for an unforgettable night of improv free-for-all.

It’s gonna be so nuts. Don’t panic.


About The Dermatological Zoo

I am an actor who will betray your trust but will also make you a delicious pie. So it's up to you. Also, I'm of Mexican descent. 3rd Generation American. That's usually less important than everything else, though.
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