The internet is an interactive medium.

Whoa. Okay. Are you ready for all of the improv that is about to be spat at you? Because, to be honest, we don’t think you are. This weekend (starting TONIGHT!), you can check out any and all of the following sweet gigs:

  • Don’t miss all of our gorgeous ladies teaming up with equally gorgeous ladies from THREE (count ’em, THREE!) other improv troupes from Central PA and beyond for “No Artificial Sweeteners: Ladies of Improv” doing a one-night-only show tonight at Gamut Classic Theatre inside Strawberry Square in Downtown H-burg!
  • On Friday, catch us working our monthly magic over at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore from 6:00 to 7:00. PLUS! That night kicks off the 2011 Comedy Improv Throw Down (deets below), and you can catch four awesome troupes doing exhibition shows over at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone, including No Artificial Sweeteners and our good friends, Sara and Kim, in their duo-form, Hot & Modest.
  • THEN. On Saturday. T.M.I. is gonna split some faces (with comedy!) in Round 1 of the 2011 Comedy Improv Throw Down! Unbelievably talented troupes from all across the East Coast will be descending on Harrisburg to improvise, teach, entertain, and compete for your affection, approval and cash prizes. Catch us at the 8:00 slot, and–God willin’ and the creek don’t rise–you might also catch us in Round 2 on Sunday!

Look at all those links! This post is just teeming with improv info!


You’re welcome.


About The Dermatological Zoo

I am an actor who will betray your trust but will also make you a delicious pie. So it's up to you. Also, I'm of Mexican descent. 3rd Generation American. That's usually less important than everything else, though.
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One Response to The internet is an interactive medium.

  1. Well….. that was an insane, fun, tiring, maddening, tedious, and frantic weekend. Geeeez. Loved that we made it to the second round after placing 5th out of 16 groups! Lotta fun.

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