April 15th Recap

We hope you were able to catch our show on the 15th but if you weren’t there (or even if you were but you missed something because you were laughing so hard) here is a brief recap:

We warmed up with a rousing game of “Ninja” and that involved the audience as well to get them warmed up.

Next up were 2 rousing rounds of “Ding!” with Craig and Jennie shopping in a watermelon stand and then Joe and Kacey having a grandfather/grandson chat.

Following that two rounds of “Clarks Not Here” featured Jennie and Clark trying to get Craig to say “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” and then Christina and Kacey coaxing David into uttering “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

“Story Symphony” featured David as a Sitcom, Joe as a Soap Opera and Craig as a Reality Show talking about Pandas.

“Rotating Box” was played with Joe and Kacey as conjoined twins, Jennie and Christina lost in at the Jersey Shore, Kacey and Jennie in a crypt and Joe and Christina at a chiropractor.

Christina and Jennie played “I know what you’re thinking” about a house fire and then Joe and Clark spoke “Gibberish” about a hidden office romance.

David and Jennie worked out some issues with “Good Morning”  and then Jennie and Craig did a “Saying/Doing” about taxes and milking a cow.

We ended the with a “World’s Worst…” involving Plumbers, Pole Dancers, Child Care Workers and Taxidermist among others.

We had a great time and enjoyed performing for everyone that came. Hope to see you back at the Scholar on May 20th!

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