Action-Packed Weekend!

Find TMI this weekend!  Take some time and give yourself the gift of madcappnicity!

Friday (that’s today) – Midtown Scholar – 6pm
Sunday (that’s on Sunday) – HMAC –

You can also catch more’n a few of the folks who comprise the TMI Legion as they perform in (TMIer) David Zayas’ Beowulf this weekend – Friday & Saturday nights at the Gamut Theatre, 7:30pm curtain
(I’ll be there Saturday night, myself…)

Thanks to all who came out to see the SUPER HUGE set we put on Sat Sep 8 at the Comedy Throwdown!  And to all of you who come out regularly to see the Scholar shows!  It’s always so much more fun when there’s more people around, so your presence just makes it more fun!  Great job!

Be well, be friendly, be patient.  And be there!!!!!!!!

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Our Upcoming Shows!


The TMI Improv Comedy Legion moves ever forward!

Sounds scary!
Sounds fun!
Sounds ZOWIE WOWIE!  Where you guys gonna be?
Yeah, and when?

Every 3rd Friday:  Midtown Scholar
6 pm on Aug 17, Sep 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, and Dec 21.
Start your “3rd in the Burg” with us and carry your laughing bellyache into the evening!

Sep 7-9:  ’12 Improv Throwdown:
At the Comedy Zone (info/links to come)
Hosted by Don’t Break the Streak
TMI competes again with over a dozen other improv groups from Las Vegas, New York, and most all our Harrisburg friends in other groups!  A weekend full of comedy playoffs.  Yes, you read that right!
Stay tuned for more!

Sep 23: HMAC, 7:30pm
Our second date at this venue, where we seem to find a slightly faster way to get to Crazytown.  A full evening of short and long form improv yumminess!
We might reach Ribaldville.

Nov 4:  Gamut Theatre, 7:30pm
THE ENTIRE TMI LEGION come home for an autumn performance SO untamed, SO impulsive, SO visceral…WE haven’t even figured out what IT is YET!  WORTH emphasizing!
Fun for the grownups! (Not for all ages)

Find us – Like Us! – on our TMI Improv Facebook page!
Other 2012 shows may still be scheduled!  Stay tuned!

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But, you know, PANIC.

So, if you missed our show at the Towne House (which just finished and went so well and honestly we are still riding the performance high because it was such an awesome night and the rain didn’t even matter and and and the only thing missing was you), don’t panic. We repeat: Do. Not. Panic.

Know why? Because there are TWO more chances to see us this month. TWO! Catch us at our usual bag, the Midtown Scholar Bookstore this Friday for their 3rd in the Burg celebrations at 6:00. Woot. Wooooooot.

And THEN! On Wednesday, September 28th, you can see us at our home, the Gamut Classic Theatre in Strawberry Square at 7:30 for a big-time show where we’ll be joined by not one, but t-t-t-two other troupes! Yes, our good friends, The Oxymorons and Don’t Break The Streak, will be joining us for an unforgettable night of improv free-for-all.

It’s gonna be so nuts. Don’t panic.

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The internet is an interactive medium.

Whoa. Okay. Are you ready for all of the improv that is about to be spat at you? Because, to be honest, we don’t think you are. This weekend (starting TONIGHT!), you can check out any and all of the following sweet gigs:

  • Don’t miss all of our gorgeous ladies teaming up with equally gorgeous ladies from THREE (count ’em, THREE!) other improv troupes from Central PA and beyond for “No Artificial Sweeteners: Ladies of Improv” doing a one-night-only show tonight at Gamut Classic Theatre inside Strawberry Square in Downtown H-burg!
  • On Friday, catch us working our monthly magic over at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore from 6:00 to 7:00. PLUS! That night kicks off the 2011 Comedy Improv Throw Down (deets below), and you can catch four awesome troupes doing exhibition shows over at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone, including No Artificial Sweeteners and our good friends, Sara and Kim, in their duo-form, Hot & Modest.
  • THEN. On Saturday. T.M.I. is gonna split some faces (with comedy!) in Round 1 of the 2011 Comedy Improv Throw Down! Unbelievably talented troupes from all across the East Coast will be descending on Harrisburg to improvise, teach, entertain, and compete for your affection, approval and cash prizes. Catch us at the 8:00 slot, and–God willin’ and the creek don’t rise–you might also catch us in Round 2 on Sunday!

Look at all those links! This post is just teeming with improv info!


You’re welcome.

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One Week, Two Shows!

Fresh off our success in Philly over the July 4th weekend, TMI Improv is back in Harrisburg with two shows in one week.
On Thursday, July 14th, we will be on the roof of the Towne House Suites and Apartments on Boas Street in Harrisburg. This will be our first show on the roof and to add to the excitement, we are extending our show to 90 minutes. We go on at 8:30pm and will wrap up around 10pm that night. Come out for some laughs under the stars!
On Friday, July 15th, we will be at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore for our Third in the ‘Burg gig. The Friday fun starts at 6 and we go for about an hour.
Both shows are free of charge!
Remember, we use your suggestions to make our shows go. Come on out and tell us what to do!
Also, don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook, just search for T.M.I Improv.
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Cheez Whiz, Philly, thanks for having us!

Whew! We had a TIME in Philly! PHIT invited us to the Shubin Theatre on July 3 to do some long form action. We did one of our favorite games we like to call Waiting for Godot. If you want to know what that is, come see us do one at the Midtown Scholar every 3rd Friday. How’s that for an explanation?

Then we did a super fine Harold based on an audience suggestion of Cheez Whiz.

In more exciting news, we gave birth to another improv game called Spoiler Alert! You’ll have to wait to find out what that one is, too. Come see us at 3rd in the Burg on July 15! Midtown Scholar Bookstore, 6pm. See you there!



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June 17 at Midtown Scholar

We will be back at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore on Friday, June 17. The fun starts at 6 and we go for about an hour. Remember, we use your suggestions to make our show. Come on out and tell us what to do! And oh yeah, it’s free!
Also, dont forget, you can find us on facebook, just search for T.M.I Improv.
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